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Transport Services

Our comprehensive transportation services encompass the primary conveyance of mine workers, ensuring their efficient and safe travel. Additionally, we specialize in transporting waste materials from construction sites, contributing to a streamlined and environmentally conscious approach. Serving the commuting needs of passengers, our fleet of buses and taxis provides reliable and comfortable transportation. Moreover, our expertise extends to the swift and secure movement of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), ensuring timely delivery and distribution.


Our comprehensive services encompass the establishment of road infrastructure for new developments, encompassing rehabilitation, and reconstruction efforts. We specialize in the construction of sidewalks and driveways, ensuring well-planned and accessible pathways. Additionally, our expertise extends to providing building services for factories, residential homes, and business premises. We are committed to the development and management of infrastructure in towns and townships, contributing to community growth. Our proficiency includes concrete works and the application of form works, ensuring the durability and quality of our projects.

Supply chain

We offer a comprehensive supply solution covering stationery, furniture, and equipment. Our range includes office essentials and high-quality furniture. We also provide specialized tools for mining. Our goal is to simplify procurement by consolidating diverse supplies under one roof, ensuring efficiency and reliability for seamless business operations. Whether it's day-to-day office needs or industry-specific tools, we aim to be your trusted partner in delivering quality supplies.

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